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The retail store offers both hydroponic and aquaponic gardening kits for people who like to
do their own home gardening, particularly those with limited gardening space, such as
apartment dwellers. (For more information, see our hydroponics kits). These can be picked
up or shipped. For bigger backyard projects, our specialists can help you design the perfect
system for your personal needs. There is the opportunity to purchase the system, the
installation, and/or the service. You will be trained to get your system up and growing. For
more information, see the Aquaponics section of this web site.

Waiahole Nursery & Garden Center
(Gift Plants, Plants, Herbs, Flowers, Ceramic Pots, Seeds, in Kaneohe)
Waiahole Nursery and Garden Center offers plants, herbs, fresh vegetables,
seeds, gift plants, tilapia, Hydroponic Kits and gardening supplies for a
pleasant gardening experience. The nursery also features floral gifts in a
variety of unique glass, wooden and ceramic pots and vases.
Waiahole Nursery and Garden Center is located on Kamehameha Highway in Waiahole,
Kaneohe, on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. The facility consists of a nursery with
landscaping and flowering plants, orchids, fresh vegetables and herbs. It features plants grown
by our hydroponic and
aquaponic (tilapia) farming methods which provide the seedlings and
produce that are for sale in the retail store.
There is a retail store for customers to browse, get advice and purchase products such as  
gift plants, orchids, flowers, vegetable and herbs, seedlings, seed packets, nursery and garden
supplies and accessories.
Specials are announced here on the website, so keep checking for
The most important aspect of the Waiahole Nursery and Garden Center is in its mission,
which is twofold. The first part of the mission is to teach students (both adults and children)
how to grow their own food organically and how to garden in environmentally friendly ways.
Secondly, the mission is to support the pre-vocational and vocational training of special needs
children, adolescents and adults. The nursery opens its doors for such training. If your group
or agency has a training need that we can help support, please give us a call (808-239-6311).